A god news for you, American Red Cross has launched an Android version of S.O.S, which is loaded with step-by-step first aid guide and also quick help diagnosing a medical emergency. This app can be used as a hand guide while you wait for an ambulance to arrive. Quoting from Android market:

"The S.O.S. app provides step-by-step video narration by Dr. Oz and follow along demonstrations allowing people to quickly and confidently respond to common emergency situations with the goal of saving lives."

Emergency care protocols for over 30 of the most common emergency care situations were developed and reviewed by prestigious medical and educational panels from both the American Red Cross and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). These protocols were then adapted for an Android app surroundings and are accompanied by dynamic videos that walk through clear and concise emergency action steps that are appropriate for any audience. Dr. Oz is the instructional voice of each video, reassuringly guiding users on how to provide emergency care. 3-D animations are included for the more complex techniques, specifically Unconscious Choking and CPR which also include an audio and visual counter for actual time CPR compressions.

Definitely this app is going to be a hit among Android users, as its a great companion especially while travelling. This is going to be a good refresher if you have ever taken a CPR/first aid course.

Cons: Voice enabled commands are not integrated, in case of emergencies users may find it difficult to browse through the app.