Are you an Android developer? How are you making money on Android? Is it via selling your Apps on Android market or via Ads? A recent research by Distimo revealed that most of the developers are making money not by selling their apps but only via Ads served through their Apps!

There are only two non-free applications that have been downloaded more than half a million times in the Android Market till date. Another interesting fact is that Twenty percentage of all free applications and eighty percentage of all paid applications have been downloaded just less than 100 times! Developers are finding it difficult to monetize their apps using a one-off fee monetization model.

While writing this blog there are a total of 206,143 applications on Android Market. Most of the free applications generate revenue via Ads. It is found that the popularity of paid Apps are going down drastically, more and more free Apps are appearing with similar features in the market.

So our advise to Android developers is:

1. Develop nice user friendly Apps
2. List it in Android Market
3. Sign up for Adsense mobile, Admob or Airpush
4. Inject Ads in to your App
5. Do not add too many Ads
6. Add a feedback button
7. Give proper support
8. Release new versions
9. Reply to queries in Android Market itself(important)
10. Become Rich!

Another important information for you from Chitika, an online advertising network that serves 2 billion monthly impressions over more than 80,000 websites:

"Android users are 80 percent more valuable than iPhone users"

They have data to prove this, sample of 1.3 million impressions across its network, showing a click-through rate(CTR) of 1.187% on Android devices vs 0.654% CTR on the iPhone. The reason for this is, Android device interfaces are designed by Google, a world leader in content based Ads management!

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